Has an innovation by a news organisation (TV or print) caught your eye? Share it with us!

The News Innovation Awards 2010, an afaqs! initiative, are probably the first of their kind in the world to identify and recognise truly path-breaking practices and initiatives in print and TV which will help take the news business profitably into the future without compromising the principles of ethical journalism. This includes innovation not only in content but in every aspect of the business - from design to marketing, from finance to HR, and from distribution to cross-media integration.

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From Shivani Anand - Jul 15 2010 02:11 PM The customised editions by Hindustan Times. The daily newspaper had delivered customised editions during the IPL featuring their favourite team on the front page. The company also starts wih its GUrgaon First edition now carrying content for the readers in the city in the main newspaper!
From Tarun - Jul 14 2010 12:12 PM The Times of India started the trend of well known guest editors, an innovation that captures attention and panders to a special set of readers each time they have a new guest editor. A smart innovation in my mind.
From Vikram S - Jul 14 2010 12:10 PM CNN IBN has created some great properties like Heroes, Indian of the Year etc which have been copied and used by other channels too. But I believe the innovation deserves recognition.
From Anurag - Jul 14 2010 12:09 PM The Dramatization of news to expand viewership by news channels might not look so good to some urban people, but it's an innovation that has met its objectives admirably.
From Ravi - Jul 13 2010 02:48 PM I find newspapers constantly innovating when it comes to circulation and distribution. Mail today's subscription drives have been very successful and innovative, I feel.
From Jyoti Mink - Jul 13 2010 02:43 PM CNBC Awaaz and CNBC organise these workshops across the country, where a leading analyst interacts with the local investors.