The Future of News
India's news organisations have consistently beaten dire predictions of decline. And there was no better year than 2009-10 to really drive home the point that the news business is on a path of growth

Led by stellar performance from the leading national and regional print majors across the country, the industry has clearly demonstrated that it is ready for the next stage of growth, a more accountable management style, and a higher acceptance of technology to help them achieve their goals and meet user needs.

The old issues of quality and regulation have of course hovered over the industry, and will remain an issue in the foreseeable future. Perhaps the only issue here is to see if the industry is able to manage these issues themselves or will it eventually lead to government intervention.

Even as markets grow on the back of strong economic growth across the country, newer audiences are joining and more editions launched, the challenges on the revenue side are muliplying. >From the need to look beyond advertising funded models to the need to invest in new technologies to improve news gathering, production and distribution. This has made this traditionally underfunded business search even harder for external capital, which will surely create opportunities for some players to consider growth options beyond the ordinary.

These and other questions will be answered at 'The Future of News, 2010'. With some of the most knowledgeable and involved professionals from the industry as speakers, you can look forward to some great insights, prescient thoughts, and daring ideas at the event.

So if you are interested in the news industry in any way, be it as an employee, advertiser, stakeholder or even keen observer, this is the event for you. Click here to reserve your seat for July 30!

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