Award Night December 06, 2023

Strategies for
Engaging Audiences and
Driving Growth

A growing percentage of the marketing budget is now allocated to content marketing. Whatever the size of the business, it is possible to create content that the target audience finds useful and even engaging.

As more businesses spend even more money, the stream of brand content has turned into a virtual flood. What began as simple blogs and newsletters aimed at consumers has increasingly taken on more innovative, interactive and visual forms. This has raised the competition among brands to draw attention, not just within a category, but sometimes with brands in adjacent categories as well. How can a brand's story stand out in this swarm of content?

afaqs! Brand Storyz Awards has been created with exactly this question in mind. It aims to identify and reward the most creative attempts at creating and disseminating content.

The Awards have been crafted after researching the latest trends and authoritatively capture the current state - and many forms - of content marketing.

So if your brand or agency has worked hard at creating some riveting work in content marketing,
afaqs! Brand Storyz Awards is the right place to showcase it.

Entry Deadline
September 26,

Extended Deadline
October 24,

Award Night
December 06,

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