Final Entry Deadline
January 09, 2023
While Preparing Your entries

When preparing your submission for vdonxt awards, please review the entry criteria carefully.

Please ensure that your submission contains sufficient information. Do include relevant facts and figures where possible. Some categories may ask you to include details of a particular initiative. Kindly select those that best prove your point.

Post Registration

After logging-in via OTP, your entry account will be created. You can use it to add, edit or delete your submissions for the awards.

The contact details you provide in your entry form will be used throughout the awards process. If these details change after the form has been submitted, please send your new contact information by email to or


The entity name and address quoted in the registration form will be used for further correspondence relating to your entry.

Please note that we will use the brand name rather than that of the project or team in our coverage.

How to make Effective Entries
  • Stick to the word limit - short & crisp fits the bill.
  • Avoid PR jargon & back your words with relevant facts instead. For e.g. 'synergies' were created or integration was 'seamless'. Explain 'how'.
  • Write persuasively.
  • Include supporting evidence.
  • Ensure the links you submit are accessible. (WeTransfer links will not be accepted)
  • Proofread and ensure there are no spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Don't forget to take a thumbs up from your client
  • The work submitted should have been released between September 01, 2021 to November 30, 2022.
  • Any work submitted by an ad agency/production house/content creator must have the client's approval for participation.
  • A single piece of work, if relevant, can be submitted in multiple categories.
  • The afaqs! and vdonxt Awards team reserves the right to use the submissions for promotions.
  • All the entries (other than English or Hindi) must be translated into English for the better understanding of the jury. In the case of video, please use subtitles.
  • Please ensure that you submit a high-resolution version of the creative.

The decision of the jury would be final and binding.

There will be no shortlist issued before the final awards ceremony.


The payment can be made online by credit/debit cards, net banking or via cheques.

Please make your Crossed Cheque or Bank Draft payable to "Banyan Netfaqs Pvt Ltd" in INR only, and mail the same at Banyan Netfaqs Pvt Ltd, B-112, 4th Floor, Sector 64, Noida - 201301.

The entry will be considered accepted only when the entry fee has reflected in our account (in case of net banking and cheques).

Step 1

The jury will include senior agency executives and marketers.

Step 2

The jury would be judging the entries basis only the submitted material.To get a gold, an entry should not only be the top scorer in its category but should also receive a score of at least 7 points from the Jury. Similarly, the minimum scores for silver and bronze are 6 and 5.

Step 3

The jury will be advised to gauge entries on the basis of following parameters : Uniqueness of the idea, Quality of craft, Execution, Engagement, and for brand Integration the jury will additionally consider if the brand becomes one with the story.

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